Liam Langers | Big Brain | Owner

Liam Langers

- Big Brain / Viking Beast -

Hey there! I'm Liam, your digital compass in the often-confusing digital world. I've spent over five years navigating these waters, backed by degrees in Commercial Sciences and Communication and Digital Marketing. My strong points are my knowledge in marketing, business, finance, and the exciting realm of cryptocurrency.

As the proud captain of Big Brain, I'm on a mission to help businesses of all sizes chart their growth path. I keep a pulse on the ever-shifting digital landscape and am always ready to tackle challenges with fresh and innovative solutions. Driven by a love for problem-solving and a dedication to excellence, my ultimate goal is simply to help you achieve yours - faster.

When I'm not at the helm of Big Brain Solution, steering your digital journey, you'll likely catch me at the gym, bulking up my biceps to match my brain power. Fun fact about me? I'm a big fan of Vikings. I admire their strength and spirit so much that I'm on a mission to become a modern-day Viking myself - minus the pillaging, of course (or am I kidding?) In short, I'm here to make your digital voyage smooth sailing.