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Supermetrics Review: Use All of Your Data [Tested 2023]

Supermetrics Review: Use All of Your Data [Tested 2023]
June 9, 2023
Liam Langers

Quick Read

In a nutshell, here's what I discovered when my team at Big Brain Solution and I tried out Supermetrics.

This versatile tool turned out to be a game-changer for consolidating marketing data from a multitude of sources, making it incredibly smooth to manage.

The extensive range of data connectors and compatibility with popular reporting platforms like Google Sheets and Excel truly impressed us.

Though pricing might be slightly high for smaller businesses, the 14-day free trial offers an opportunity to test the waters.

So, if you're a marketer or data analyst aiming to streamline reporting and harness data-driven insights, I highly recommend giving Supermetrics a shot.

To explore further, visit their website and see for yourself what Supermetrics can do for you.

As a data enthusiast, I was thrilled to test out Supermetrics and uncover the hidden gems of data analytics.

In this review, I'll take you on a journey through my experience with this powerful tool, its features, and the impact it can have on businesses eager to harness the full potential of their data.

What is Supermetrics?

Supermetrics is a data analytics and reporting tool that aims to empower businesses by simplifying data collection, analysis, and visualization.

During my time using this tool alongside my team, I discovered how it seamlessly connects multiple data sources and offers a user-friendly interface, making it much easier to derive insights from our data.

This experience helped us make better-informed decisions and fine-tune our marketing strategies.

Importance of data analytics tools for businesses

In today's hyper-competitive business world, the value of data analytics tools cannot be overstated.

These tools enable organizations to make smarter decisions by providing invaluable insights into their target audience, market trends, and competitors.

As I emerged myself deeper into Supermetrics, I came to appreciate the vital role such a powerful data analytics tool plays in optimizing our strategies and staying ahead in the game.

Key features of Supermetrics

Supermetrics Features

While Testing Supermetrics I found exactly what I was looking for.

Let me tell you this tool is PACKED with powerful functionalities that make data analytics more efficient and effective.

Below, I'll describe some of my favorite features in greater detail, sharing my experience and highlighting how these can benefit your business.

Data Integration and Connectors

Supermetrics boasts an extensive list of data connectors that cover a wide range of platforms.

During my time with the tool, I found the following connectors particularly useful:

  • Facebook Ads and Google Ads: These connectors made it simple to gather data from our advertising campaigns, enabling me to optimize performance and ROI.
  • Google Analytics and Google Analytics 4: I could easily access crucial web analytics data, helping me understand user behavior on our website and make data-driven improvements.
  • Social Media Connectors: With connectors for Facebook Insights, Instagram Insights, and TikTok (both Ads and Organic), I was able to gain insights into our social media performance and engagement.
  • Other Connectors: Supermetrics also supports connectors like Microsoft Advertising, LinkedIn Ads, Google Search Console, Pinterest Ads, Google My Business, Shopify, JSON/CSV/XML, and many more. These additional connectors further expanded my data analysis capabilities, offering a comprehensive view of our online presence.

Data Transformation

Supermetrics provides an impressive suite of data transformation tools that allowed me to clean, combine, and manipulate data according to my needs.

Here's how I leveraged these tools:

  • Custom Metrics and KPIs: I could create custom metrics and KPIs specific to my business requirements, helping me focus on the most relevant insights.
  • Data Blending: Supermetrics enabled me to blend data from different sources, such as combining advertising data from Facebook Ads and Google Ads. This was invaluable in understanding the overall performance of our marketing campaigns.

Data Visualization

Data visualization plays a crucial role in interpreting trends and patterns.

Supermetrics offers a variety of visualization options, such as charts, graphs, and tables.

I found these features particularly helpful when using the tool:

  • Supermetrics Google Sheets: I could seamlessly integrate my data into Google Sheets and create visually appealing, easy-to-understand reports for my team.
  • Supermetrics Google Data Studio: This feature allowed me to design interactive and real-time dashboards in Google Data Studio, providing a dynamic way to visualize and share insights.

Reporting and Sharing

Supermetrics excels in reporting and sharing capabilities, making it simple to collaborate with my team.

The most popular destinations I used include:

  • Supermetrics API: The API enabled me to integrate data directly into our custom applications, ensuring that my team always had access to up-to-date information.
  • Supermetrics Looker Studio and BigQuery: These features were invaluable for handling larger datasets and working with our data warehouse, streamlining our data analysis process.
  • Supermetrics Excel: As an Excel user, I appreciated the seamless integration with Supermetrics, allowing me to create detailed and engaging reports for my team in a familiar environment.

Benefits of Using Supermetrics

Features are great, but real-world benefits is what we're after.

Here are some of the advantages I experienced while using Supermetrics:

  1. Time-Saving and Efficiency: Supermetrics made it incredibly easy to gather and analyze data from multiple sources in one place, saving me hours of manual data collection and processing. The automated reporting capabilities further increased efficiency, freeing up valuable time for other tasks.
  2. Enhanced Decision-Making: With access to comprehensive data, I could make better-informed decisions that ultimately improved our marketing and business strategies. The insights gleaned from Supermetrics allowed me to identify trends, optimize campaigns, and allocate resources more effectively.
  3. Seamless Collaboration: Sharing reports and insights with my team was a breeze, thanks to Supermetrics' easy-to-use sharing options. The tool's integration with popular destinations, like Google Sheets and Google Data Studio, made it simple for my team members to access and understand the data, fostering a collaborative environment.
  4. Customization and Flexibility: One aspect of Supermetrics that I truly appreciated was its customization and flexibility. From creating custom metrics and KPIs to designing visualizations that suited my needs, I could tailor the tool to align with my specific requirements. This level of personalization allowed me to derive the most value from my data analysis.
  5. Scalability: As my data needs grew, Supermetrics was able to scale along with them. Its compatibility with data warehousing solutions like BigQuery and Looker Studio ensured that I could handle larger datasets without compromising on performance. This made Supermetrics an ideal choice for businesses of any size, looking to grow and adapt to their evolving data needs.
Supermetrics Pricing: comparing the plans

Pricing and Plans: Find Your Perfect Fit

Pricing is a bit less straightforward than most tools I've tested.

Their pricing is thoughtfully designed to accommodate the needs of various users, and is different depending on which destination you need.

With 15 different destinations available, each offering unique pricing options, your plan will be entirely custom to your business needs.

Here's a snapshot of some of the pricing options:

  • Looker Studio: Starting at just $39 per month, this plan is perfect for those seeking a more advanced data analysis tool.
  • Google Sheets: At $69 per month, this option is ideal for users who want seamless integration with their favorite spreadsheet tool.
  • Microsoft Excel: Also priced at $69 per month, this plan caters to Excel enthusiasts who want to enhance their data analytics capabilities.
  • For those who love the popular project management platform, plans start at a budget-friendly $19 per month.

For other destinations, Supermetrics offers custom pricing, ensuring that you only pay for what you need.

To explore all the pricing options and features, I recommend visiting the Supermetrics pricing page.

One of the best aspects of Supermetrics is the 14-day free trial, allowing you to test the tool without committing any of your hard-earned money.

I found this trial period incredibly valuable, as it enabled me to explore the tool's features and benefits without any financial risk.

So, go ahead and give Supermetrics a spin – you might just find it's the perfect fit for your data analytics needs!

Customer support of Supermetrics

Customer Support and Resources

A tool that is designed to work with large amounts of data can get complicated sometimes. If you get stuck, you need to be sure to have a strong lifeline pulling you back to data paradise.

I put their customer support and resources to the test, and i'm happy to write my experience was great.

Not only did they offer a wide range of materials to help me understand the platform, but their support team was also incredibly responsive when I needed assistance.


I frequently referred to Supermetrics' blog, which provided valuable insights into data analytics, industry trends, and helpful tips on using the tool effectively.

I particularly enjoyed their articles on marketing strategies, as they helped me improve my own campaigns.

Webinars and Templates

Supermetrics hosts webinars that cover various aspects of data analytics and best practices for using their tool.

I attended a few of these webinars and found them to be informative and engaging.

Additionally, the templates they provided made it even easier to get started and set up my reports.

Documentation and Support Center

The extensive documentation and support center were invaluable resources during my time with Supermetrics.

I appreciated how they offered step-by-step guides and in-depth explanations for all aspects of the tool.

Whenever I encountered a problem or had a question, I could rely on these resources for quick answers.

Human Support

On the rare occasions when I couldn't find the answers I needed in their documentation, I submitted a support ticket to get help from a human.

I was pleasantly surprised by the speed and attentiveness of their support team.

They provided clear solutions to my issues, making me feel valued as a customer.

Customer reviews of Supermetrics

User Reviews and Testimonials: Real-Life Experiences

I couldn't help but wonder what other users thought of the tool.

So, I decided to explore user reviews and testimonials to gather additional insights into the experiences of fellow Supermetrics users.

Here's what I found:

Positive Feedback

Ease of Use and Integration

Many users appreciated Supermetrics for its user-friendly interface and seamless integration with various platforms.

They mentioned that creating and customizing reports was easy, and the tool's ability to connect with multiple data sources was a significant advantage.

Time-Saving and Efficiency

The time-saving benefits of Supermetrics were a recurring theme among the testimonials.

Users frequently highlighted how the tool automated their reporting processes, enabling them to focus on data analysis and making informed decisions.

Comprehensive Data Analytics

The depth and breadth of data analytics capabilities offered by Supermetrics impressed several users.

They valued the ability to combine data from different sources, providing a more comprehensive view of their marketing performance.

Customer Support and Resources

I discovered that many users shared my positive experience with Supermetrics' customer support and resources.

They praised the responsiveness of the support team and the abundance of educational materials that helped them get the most out of the tool.

Room for Improvement

While most reviews were positive, a few users mentioned that they would appreciate more affordable pricing options for smaller businesses.

They felt that the tool's value was undeniable, but the cost could be a barrier for some organizations with limited budgets.

My Take on User Reviews

After reading through various user reviews and testimonials, it's clear to me that Supermetrics has made a positive impact on many users' data analytics and reporting processes.

I can relate to their experiences, as I've found the tool to be user-friendly, efficient, and comprehensive in its data analytics capabilities.

However, I also agree that more affordable pricing options for smaller businesses would be a welcome improvement, making the tool more accessible to a broader audience.

Supermetrics Pros and Cons: a quick overview

Pros and Cons of Supermetrics

After spending some time with Supermetrics, I've come up with a list of pros and cons to give you a quick overview of the value it can bring to your business.

Here's what I found:


  1. Seamless integration with multiple data sources: Supermetrics offers a wide range of data connectors, making it simple to consolidate data from various marketing platforms.
  2. Compatibility with popular reporting tools: It works well with Google Sheets, Excel, and other reporting platforms, allowing you to create comprehensive and visually appealing reports.
  3. Saves time and effort: Supermetrics automates the data fetching and reporting processes, freeing up valuable time to focus on analysis and decision-making.
  4. Customizable reports and dashboards: You can create tailored reports and dashboards based on your specific requirements, ensuring you have access to the most relevant information.
  5. 14-day free trial: The trial period lets you explore the tool without any financial commitment, giving you a chance to decide if it's the right fit for your needs.


  1. Pricing may be steep for small businesses: While Supermetrics offers a great range of features, its pricing plans might be a bit expensive for smaller businesses with limited budgets.
  2. Learning curve for beginners: If you're new to data analytics and reporting, it might take some time to get accustomed to the tool and its functionalities.
  3. Limited customization in pre-built templates: The pre-built templates are great for getting started, but they might not cater to every unique need, requiring some customization.
Getting started with Supermetrics and additional tips

Who Should Use Supermetrics?

Based on my experience with Supermetrics, I believe it's an excellent tool for marketing professionals, digital agencies, and businesses of all sizes looking to streamline their data analytics and reporting processes.

It's especially beneficial for those who want to consolidate data from multiple sources, automate reporting tasks, and gain deeper insights into their marketing performance.

Getting Started with Supermetrics

Getting started with Supermetrics was quite straightforward for me. Here's a step-by-step guide on how you can begin your journey with this fantastic tool:

  1. Sign up for a Supermetrics account and choose a plan that suits your needs. Remember, there's a 14-day free trial to help you explore the tool's features without any risk.
  2. Connect your desired data sources, such as Google Analytics, Facebook Ads, or Instagram Insights, by following the simple authentication process.
  3. Choose your preferred reporting destination, like Google Sheets or Microsoft Excel, and configure the data connectors to fetch the required data.
  4. Start creating custom reports and dashboards, using the available templates or building your own from scratch.
  5. Dive into data analysis, monitor your marketing performance, and make data-driven decisions to optimize your campaigns.

I really liked their quick tutorial on how to use Supermetrics for Google Sheets, I’ll include it below.

Additional Tips to Maximize the Potential of Supermetrics

To help you get the most out of Supermetrics, here are some tips and best practices I discovered while testing the tool:

  1. Leverage the available templates: Supermetrics offers a range of pre-built templates that cover various use cases and industries. Make use of these templates to kickstart your reporting process and customize them as needed.
  2. Schedule automated data refreshes: To ensure your reports and dashboards always display the most up-to-date data, set up automated data refreshes at regular intervals.
  3. Explore data blending: Combine data from different sources to gain a more comprehensive view of your marketing performance and uncover hidden insights.
  4. Collaborate with your team: Invite your team members to your Supermetrics account and work together on reports and dashboards, fostering a collaborative data-driven culture within your organization.
  5. Stay informed with Supermetrics resources: Take advantage of the tool's extensive resources, such as their blog, webinars, and documentation, to keep learning and improving your data analytics skills.
Our opinion of Supermetrics


After testing Supermetrics extensively with my team at Big Brain Solution, I can confidently say that it's an impressive data analytics and reporting tool.

Its robust data connectors, seamless integration with popular reporting destinations, and user-friendly interface make it a valuable addition to any marketing professional's toolbox.

Supermetrics simplifies the process of consolidating data from multiple sources and automating reporting tasks, allowing you to focus on uncovering insights and optimizing your marketing campaigns.

While there's always room for improvement, such as more affordable pricing options for smaller businesses, the overall experience has been positive.

As an authority in the field of data analytics and marketing, we at Big Brain Solution highly recommend giving Supermetrics a try.

If you're interested in exploring the tool for yourself, you can visit Supermetrics' website and sign up for their 14-day free trial.

Discover how Supermetrics can elevate your data analytics and reporting game!

Supermetrics FAQs

What is Supermetrics?

Supermetrics is a data analytics and reporting tool that helps marketers consolidate data from multiple sources into one location for easy analysis and reporting.

How does Supermetrics work?

Supermetrics connects to a wide range of data sources, such as Google Analytics, Facebook Ads, and Instagram Insights, allowing you to pull data into popular reporting platforms like Google Sheets, Data Studio, and Microsoft Excel.

Is there a free trial for Supermetrics?

Yes, Supermetrics offers a 14-day free trial that allows you to test the tool and explore its features before committing to a paid plan.

How much does Supermetrics cost?

Supermetrics pricing depends on the destination you require. Plans start at $19 per month for, $39 per month for Looker Studio, and $69 per month for Google Sheets and Microsoft Excel.

Custom pricing is available for many destinations.

What data sources can I connect to Supermetrics?

Supermetrics supports a wide variety of data sources, including Google Analytics, Facebook Ads, Google Ads, LinkedIn Ads, Instagram Insights, TikTok Ads, Google Search Console, Pinterest Ads, and many more.

What reporting destinations does Supermetrics support?

Supermetrics supports popular reporting destinations such as Google Sheets, Google Data Studio, Microsoft Excel, Looker Studio, BigQuery, and more.

Is Supermetrics easy to use?

Yes, Supermetrics is designed with a user-friendly interface, making it easy for marketers and non-technical users to navigate and create custom reports.

Can Supermetrics automate my reporting tasks?

Absolutely! Supermetrics can automate your reporting tasks by scheduling data refreshes and sending reports directly to your email or other destinations.

Does Supermetrics offer support and resources?

Supermetrics provides a variety of support resources, including a blog, webinars, templates, documentation, and a support center.

You can also submit a ticket to receive assistance from their support team.

Who should use Supermetrics?

Supermetrics is an excellent tool for marketers, data analysts, and businesses of all sizes that want to consolidate and analyze data from multiple sources to improve their marketing campaigns and make data-driven decisions.

How do I get started with Supermetrics?

To get started with Supermetrics, simply sign up for their 14-day free trial on their website and follow the step-by-step instructions to connect your data sources and create your first report.

Are there any additional tips for maximizing the potential of Supermetrics?

To make the most out of Supermetrics, it's essential to familiarize yourself with the tool, explore its various connectors and destinations, and invest time in understanding the data you're working with.

Experiment with different data visualizations and use the tool's built-in templates to create insightful and actionable reports.