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Tunnelbear VPN Review: Powerful Security & Playful [Tested 2023]

Tunnelbear VPN Review: Powerful Security & Playful [Tested 2023]
June 9, 2023
Liam Langers

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In a hurry? No worries, we've got you covered. Big Brain Solution is here to give you a quick summary of Tunnelbear VPN.

This user-friendly VPN service boasts robust security features, a no-logs policy, and a range of pricing plans, including a free option.

It's an excellent choice for beginners and seasoned VPN users alike.

While it might not be the top pick for streaming enthusiasts, it does offer solid performance and privacy.

Intrigued? Visit Tunnelbear's website to explore their plans and give it a try yourself!

Welcome to our in-depth exploration of Tunnelbear VPN, brought to you by Big Brain Solution, your trusted source for all things related to online security and privacy.

In this article, not only will we dive deep into everything you need to know about Tunnelbear VPN, but we'll also provide a comprehensive overview of what a VPN is and why it's essential for protecting your online identity and data.

Additionally, we'll share some key considerations for choosing the best VPN to suit your needs.

Throughout our review, we'll cover essential aspects of Tunnelbear, such as its features, ease of use, security measures, and pricing options.

We'll also touch on customer reviews, the pros and cons of the service, and even some alternatives to consider.

Our goal is to provide you with a well-rounded understanding of Tunnelbear and the broader VPN landscape, empowering you to make informed decisions about your online privacy requirements.

Join us as we delve into the world of Tunnelbear and help you navigate the complexities of online security.

Let's get started!

What is a VPN, and Why Do You Need It?

A VPN, or Virtual Private Network, is a tool that encrypts and hides your online activity from your internet service provider (ISP) and others.

It does this by routing your internet connection through a secure server in a location of your choice, effectively masking your IP address and location.

This is important for several reasons, including:

  • Protecting your privacy: When you use a VPN, your online activity is not visible to your ISP or anyone else. This is especially important if you use public WiFi or access sensitive information online.
  • Unblocking websites: Many websites are blocked in certain countries or regions due to government censorship or corporate policies. A VPN allows you to bypass these restrictions and access blocked content.
  • Enhancing security: A VPN can protect you from hackers and cybercriminals by encrypting your internet connection and adding an extra layer of security.

Overall, a VPN is a valuable tool for anyone who values their online privacy and security or needs to access blocked websites.

A beginner's guide to understanding and using VPNs
What are the features of a quality VPN?

How Do You Choose the Best VPN for You?

With so many VPN options available, choosing the best one for your needs can be overwhelming.

Here are some things to consider when selecting a VPN:

  • Security: Look for a VPN with strong encryption and a proven track record of protecting user data.
  • Privacy: Choose a VPN with a strict no-logs policy that does not track or sell user data.
  • Speed: A VPN can slow down your internet connection, so choosing one that offers fast speeds is essential.
  • Server locations: If you need to access specific content only available in certain countries, look for a VPN with servers in those locations.
  • Accessibility: Consider the available platforms and devices that the VPN supports. If you use multiple devices, choose a VPN that can be used on all of them.
  • Versatility: Look for a VPN that offers a variety of features such as ad-blocking, split tunneling, and P2P support.
  • Static IP: Some VPNs offer a static IP, which can be useful for specific applications such as gaming or running a server.
  • Technical support: Make sure the VPN you choose has reliable customer support in case of any issues.
How to choose the right VPN for you

Introduction to TunnelBear

TunnelBear is a VPN provider founded in 2011 and headquartered in Toronto, Canada.

Its goal is to make internet privacy and security accessible to everyone through a simple, user-friendly interface and various features.

With servers in 47 countries around the world, TunnelBear allows you to access content from a variety of locations and unblock websites that may be restricted in your region.

It also offers strong encryption, a strict no-logs policy to protect your online activity, and a range of security features such as a kill switch and GhostBear.

Why every business needs a VPN

Quick Overview of TunnelBear

  • Encryption: AES-256 (Military Grade)
  • No-logs policy? Yes
  • # Servers: 3,000+
  • # Countries: 45+
  • Speed: fast enough & reliable
  • Number of (simultaneous) Devices: Unlimited
  • Smart DNS? No
  • Kill-Switch? Yes, “Vigilant Bear”
  • Dedicated IP? No
  • User-Friendly? Yes, really fun bear design
  • Good for Netflix? No
  • Good for Gaming? No
  • Lowest Price: Free up to 2GB / Month, Paid $3.33 / Month

How to Get Started with TunnelBear (in Steps)

Getting started with TunnelBear is easy:

  1. Go to the TunnelBear website and click "Sign Up."
  2. Enter your email address and create a password.
  3. Select a subscription plan and enter your payment information.
  4. Download the TunnelBear app for your device.
  5. Open the app and log in with your email and password.
  6. Choose a server location and click "Connect."
Key features of TunnelBear

Key Features of TunnelBear

Security and Privacy: Safe and Sound

Tunnelbear VPN takes the safety of your online data very seriously.

With rock-solid 256-bit AES encryption, you can trust that your information is well-protected.

Plus, they offer multiple secure protocols like OpenVPN, IKEv2, and WireGuard to give you peace of mind.

But wait, there's more! Tunnelbear has a strict no-logs policy, meaning they won't store records of your online activities.

And if you're worried about potential data leaks, their VigilantBear feature (a built-in kill switch) has got you covered in case the connection drops unexpectedly.

Server Locations: The World at Your Fingertips

Tunnelbear VPN boasts over 3,000+ servers across 47 countries, giving you a decent selection of locations to choose from.

While it may not be the largest network out there, it covers all the major regions, providing you with the freedom to bypass pesky geo-restrictions.

Speed: Smooth Sailing

When it comes to speed, Tunnelbear VPN won't let you down.

While it may not be the Usain Bolt of VPNs, it offers a reliable and consistent performance for most everyday online activities like browsing, streaming, and even some light gaming.

Streaming and Torrenting: Hit or Miss

Now, if streaming is your thing, Tunnelbear VPN might not be the perfect match.

While it can unblock some platforms, it can struggle with popular services like Netflix and Hulu.

In terms of torrenting, Tunnelbear allows P2P file sharing but doesn't provide specialized servers for optimal performance.

Ad-Blocking: A Cleaner Web Experience

Tunnelbear VPN offers an ad-blocking feature called "Blocker," available as a browser extension.

This handy tool not only blocks intrusive ads but also prevents online trackers from snooping on your browsing activities.

Say goodbye to annoying pop-ups and hello to a clutter-free online experience!

Public Wi-Fi Protection: Stay Safe on the Go

If you frequently connect to public Wi-Fi networks, Tunnelbear VPN has your back.

Its "GhostBear" feature disguises your VPN traffic to look like regular internet traffic, allowing you to stay secure and avoid network restrictions even on the most stringent networks.

Enjoy your coffee shop browsing without the worry!

Technical Support: Expert Help When You Need It

Reaching out to Tunnelbear's support is a piece of cake.

Just submit a request through their website's help center, and you'll receive a prompt and helpful response from their knowledgeable staff.

They're not only well-versed in the ins and outs of the VPN, but they're also friendly and eager to assist you.

In addition to the direct support, Tunnelbear also offers an extensive library of resources on their website.

This includes detailed guides, troubleshooting articles, and FAQs that cover a wide range of topics.

Whether you're a VPN newbie or a seasoned user, these resources can help you get the most out of your Tunnelbear experience.

Ease of Use

Supported Devices: From Desktops to Mobiles

Tunnelbear VPN is all about making your life easier, and that includes offering compatibility with a wide variety of devices.

You can use it on your Windows or macOS computer, as well as your Android or iOS smartphone.

They've even got you covered with browser extensions for Chrome, Firefox, and Opera.

You can use it simultaniously on unlimited devices as well.

However, it's essential to note that Tunnelbear doesn't support gaming consoles or Smart TVs.

So, while it's great for most devices, it may not cover all your needs.

Installation and Setup: A Walk in the Park

Setting up Tunnelbear VPN is as easy as pie. Just head over to their website, download the app for your device, and follow the straightforward installation instructions.

In no time, you'll be ready to explore the internet securely.

Navigating the app is a breeze, too. The interface features a fun, bear-themed design and a handy map to select server locations.

Plus, the settings are easily accessible, so you won't have to dig deep to find what you need.

Auto-Connect: Stay Protected Without Lifting a Finger

Tunnelbear VPN offers an auto-connect feature that ensures your protection even when you're not thinking about it.

This means that the VPN will automatically connect whenever you access an unsecured network, keeping your data safe without any extra effort on your part.

It's like having a bodyguard that's always on duty!

Customizable Security: Your Protection, Your Way

Not all VPN users have the same needs, and Tunnelbear understands that.

With their customizable security features, you can tailor your protection to suit your preferences.

Whether you want to enable or disable the kill switch, choose your preferred protocol, or fine-tune your encryption settings, Tunnelbear gives you the flexibility to make the VPN work for you.

Pricing and Plans

Tunnelbear VPN offers a variety of plans to cater to different needs and budgets, making it easy for you to find the perfect fit.

Let's break down your options and see what they have in store for you.

Free Plan: Dip Your Toes In

If you're not quite ready to commit to a paid plan, Tunnelbear has got you covered with their free testing plan.

This nifty option allows you to enjoy 2 GB of secure browsing per month, giving you a taste of their service without spending a dime.

It's a great way to test the waters and see if Tunnelbear is the right VPN for you.

Unlimited Plan: All You Can Browse

For those who crave unlimited secure browsing, the Unlimited Plan is your go-to choice.

Starting at $9.99 per month, it offers unrestricted access to all of Tunnelbear's features.

Want to save some cash? Opt for the annual plan at just $4.99 per month or go all-in with their 3-year plan at an unbeatable $3.33 per month.

With these options, you'll get the best bang for your buck and stay protected online.

Teams Plan: Secure Your Squad

If you're looking to protect your team, look no further than Tunnelbear's Teams plan.

Starting at $5.75 per user per month (billed yearly), it's designed to keep businesses and organizations safe online.

Plus, with a 7-day free trial, you can give it a spin before making a decision.

The Teams plan doesn't just offer VPN access; it also includes priority support to ensure your team's needs are always met.

It's an excellent solution for companies that value online privacy and security.

Check the Latest Pricing: Stay Up-to-Date

Since pricing can change over time, it's always a good idea to check Tunnelbear VPN's official website for the most accurate and up-to-date information on their plans.

This way, you can make an informed decision based on the current offerings.

To view the latest pricing details, simply visit Tunnelbear VPN's pricing page here.

Customer reviews of TunnelBear

Customer Reviews

Overall, TunnelBear has received positive reviews from users.

Many appreciate its simple and user-friendly interface and its strong focus on privacy and security.

Here are a few real user experiences:

  • "I've been using TunnelBear for about a year now, and it's been great. The interface is super simple and easy to use, and I feel secure knowing that my online activity is protected."
  • "I love TunnelBear! It's super easy to use, and I love the cute bear theme. It's also great that I can use it on all of my devices."
  • "I've tried a few different VPNs, and TunnelBear is by far the best. The speeds are fast, and the security features are top-notch. I also appreciate the no-logs policy and the fact that it's easy to use on multiple devices."

Pros and Cons

Here are some pros and cons of using TunnelBear:


  • User-friendly interface
  • Strong focus on privacy and security
  • Fast speeds
  • Wide range of server locations
  • Available on multiple platforms and devices
  • Ad-blocking and split tunneling features
  • P2P support


  • No static IP option
  • Limited data allowance on the free plan
  • Higher price compared to some other VPNs
Our opinion of TunnelBear

Conclusion: Is Tunnelbear VPN the Right Choice for You?

After thoroughly examining Tunnelbear VPN's features, pricing, and ease of use, it's clear that it has a lot to offer.

With strong security and privacy measures, a user-friendly interface, and a variety of plans to choose from, it's a reliable choice for many users.

Here at Big Brain Solution, we pride ourselves on providing accurate and insightful information to help you make the best decisions when it comes to your online security.

Based on our in-depth analysis, Tunnelbear VPN could be an excellent option if you're looking for a straightforward VPN service with a touch of personality.

Of course, the best way to determine if Tunnelbear VPN is the right fit for you is to give it a try yourself.

Visit Tunnelbear VPN's website to explore their plans and test out their service.

You never know, it might just be the perfect solution for your online privacy needs!

Tunnelbear VPN FAQs

Is Tunnelbear VPN suitable for beginners?

Absolutely! Tunnelbear VPN is designed with simplicity in mind, making it a fantastic choice for VPN newcomers.

Its user-friendly interface, clear instructions, and helpful resources make it easy to navigate even for those who are new to the world of VPNs.

Can I use Tunnelbear VPN on multiple devices simultaneously?

Yes, you can. With the Unlimited and Teams plans, Tunnelbear VPN allows you to connect unlimited devices simultaneously, ensuring all your devices are protected at the same time.

Is Tunnelbear VPN compatible with streaming services like Netflix?

Tunnelbear VPN has been known to work with some streaming services.

However, as streaming platforms are continuously updating their VPN detection mechanisms, compatibility might vary.

It's always best to test Tunnelbear with your preferred streaming service to see if it works for you.

Does Tunnelbear VPN offer a money-back guarantee?

Tunnelbear VPN does not offer a traditional money-back guarantee.

However, they do have a free plan that allows you to test their service before committing to a paid plan, providing you with an opportunity to see if it meets your needs.

Is Tunnelbear VPN safe for torrenting?

Tunnelbear VPN supports torrenting on its network.

With strong security measures like AES 256-bit encryption and a no-logs policy, your torrenting activities will remain private and secure.

Does Tunnelbear VPN work in countries with restricted internet access, like China?

Tunnelbear VPN has a feature called "GhostBear," designed to bypass deep packet inspection used by countries with restricted internet access.

However, its effectiveness can vary, and it's essential to exercise caution and stay updated on the latest information when using a VPN in such countries.

How fast are Tunnelbear VPN's connection speeds?

Tunnelbear VPN offers competitive connection speeds that should be sufficient for most users' needs.

However, like all VPNs, the actual speed you experience may depend on factors like your internet connection, server location, and network congestion.

What encryption standard does Tunnelbear VPN use?

Tunnelbear VPN uses the industry-standard AES 256-bit encryption to protect your data, ensuring that your online activities remain secure and private.

Can I use Tunnelbear VPN on my gaming console or Smart TV?

Unfortunately, Tunnelbear VPN does not currently support gaming consoles or Smart TVs.

It is compatible with Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS devices, as well as browser extensions for Chrome, Firefox, and Opera.

What is the kill switch feature, and does Tunnelbear VPN have it?

The kill switch feature, also known as "VigilantBear" in Tunnelbear VPN, is a security measure that automatically disconnects your internet connection if the VPN connection drops unexpectedly.

This ensures that your data remains protected even in the event of a temporary VPN disconnection.

How can I contact Tunnelbear VPN's customer support?

To get in touch with Tunnelbear VPN's customer support, you can submit a request through their help center on the official website.

Their team of experts will promptly respond to assist you with any issues or inquiries.

Can I change my VPN protocol with Tunnelbear VPN?

Tunnelbear VPN primarily uses the OpenVPN and IKEv2 protocols for its connections.

You can change the protocol in the settings, depending on your device and preferences, to ensure the best performance and security.